Avery Dennison Medical combines its extensive knowledge of material and skin science to assist our customers in the design, development and delivery of complex wearable device applications. These technologies help keep people safe, allow them to get on with their daily lives without having to be in the hospital or a doctor's office to be monitored, and ultimately offer quality of life and peace of mind.

Innovative solutions through skin science

We offer unique applications for drug delivery and diagnostic monitoring that focus on device securement and wear time. At the same time, skin science is a factor that must be considered when selecting materials and adhesives – from moisture management and environment to textures and contours. We develop solutions for the interface between the wearable device and the skin, construction layer materials to hold device components together, and overlay tapes to cover the device.

Pioneering knowledge and innovation

A solid basis of knowledge, development and innovative design puts Avery Dennison at the very forefront of the marketplace. It’s science. Or better yet, it’s an art. We will be sharing much more from the world of digital health and the wearables segment right here.