A variety of ostomy product solutions

Ostomy refers to a procedure in which an artificial opening, called
a stoma, is created to enable elimination of bodily discharge. The
stoma is often created in the abdominal area but dependent on the
root cause it is either the colon, ileum or bladder that is impacted.  
Different outputs require different solutions.


Avery Dennison Medical offers proprietary technology for pressure-sensitive adhesives, including hydrocolloids.

Highlighted solutions

Avery Dennison Medical has a wide portfolio of ostomy adhesive solutions, including hydrocolloids; rubber-based, highly breathable pressure-sensitive adhesives. These adhesives are well-known in healthcare as multifunctional components of medical devices, most notably in ostomy and wound and skin care. 

Patented solutions

The benefits of hydrocolloid adhesives can be augmented with additional features such as vitamins, moisturizers and odor absorbents. 

We have a large portfolio of hydrocolloids that have unique performance characteristics – including moldable hydrocolloids used to provide a better seal on damaged and uneven skin, and hydrocolloids with additives.

Our hydrocolloid portfolio includes a variety of formulations:

  • Advanced integrated 
  • Traditional non-integrated 
  • Moldable 
  • With additives


Product spotlight: MED 9584S beveled edge flange extender

The ostomy flange is the coupling device that connects to the pouch and the skin. MED 9584S, a beveled edge flange extender is a single-coated, transparent polyurethane film with an advanced  and highly integrated hydrocolloid formulation. It aids the placement and securement of the pouch. Its beveled edges help avoid rucking and curling at the edge. The product is designed to provide additional securement of the ostomy flange to the body.




Avery Dennison Medical offers a wide range of materials that can be used in the development of ostomy devices. This includes weldable, single-coated nonwovens, films, and foams for stoma bags. 

Stoma bags can come in either one-piece or two-piece systems. We have the technology and capability to offer the solution you need, providing a patient centred solution.

Have a look at our MED 5719P and MED 5720P for example.





Custom solutions

As a leader in hydrocolloid applications for stoma care, we offer a broad range of products with patented technologies for all applications, whether as standard rolled materials or as customizable solutions.

We take a holistic approach to construction design on the material side, and deliver unmatched customer service and technical support.

Whatever the challenge, inquiry or application, we take great care to ensure the right solution is chosen.

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Choosing Avery Dennison Medical means an assurance that your adhesive solutions are engineered, manufactured, and supported by a global materials science leader. We have the capabilities to meet your challenges.