Adhesives for Wound Care

Avery Dennison is dedicated to surpassing healthcare market standards and meeting the demand for innovative wound & skin care technologies. Our focus is on developing tapes from our materials science background for optimal skin care and wound protection. By collaborating with healthcare professionals, we continually refine our tapes to effectively address real-world wound care challenges.

Avery Dennison Medical develops and manufactures wound and skin care products that are developed using unique formulas to address a wide range of conditions.

Highlighted finished goods (skin care)

Highlighted rolled goods (wound care)

Highlighted finished goods (wound care)


In developing skin-contact adhesives, it's crucial to balance skin sensitivity with the varied and stringent compliance requirements for successful application. We offer customizable adhesive formulations to meet diverse and challenging needs.

Wound and skin care solutions

Our portfolio includes silicone foam and super-absorbent dressings. Our SilFoam dressing, gentle on the skin, features a triple-layer design: a soft silicone adhesive layer, a highly absorbent hydrophilic polyurethane foam, and a protective transparent polyurethane film. The superabsorbent dressing excels in absorbing high volumes of exudate, maintaining a moist wound environment, and performing effectively under compression.

Additionally, our silicone wound contact layer, designed for minimal irritation, is a porous, low-adherent nonwoven coated with soft silicone adhesive. This layer protects growing granulation tissue from disturbance during frequent changes of the outer absorbent dressing and is compatible with Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT).

Amorphous Hydrogel is a sterile, clear and translucent primary dressing that helps manage dry, necrotic and sloughy wounds.

The gel provides a moist environment at the wound surface and assists in the debridement and removal of necrotic and other devitalized material.


Quality control

Avery Dennison Medical is committed to delivering products and services of the highest possible standards to satisfy or exceed customer requirements for quality, safety, reliability, and service. Our facilities are ISO 13485 and GMP compliant. 

Wound and skin care product manufacturing is carried out in our ISO accredited clean room facilities in Ireland, Belgium and the US.

With two Class 100,000 certified clean rooms, our medical production plant in Longford, Ireland, has manufacturing capabilities that include extruding, converting, packaging, powder, paste, tube and sachet filling and soft silicone coating.



Regulatory pathway

When it comes to product development, our team is committed to the highest quality standards. At our world class facilities, we have advanced analytical capabilities including product stability testing, pre-clinical testing and advanced material characterization.

Full files to support product registration are provided, while support for Medical Device Regulation (MDR) required compliance is available in-house as well. We can also assist with specification development, rapid prototyping, and small batch scale production.

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