Superabsorbent Dressing

Superabsorbent Dressing

Superabsorbent dressing is a sterile, superabsorbent wound dressing for use on wounds with high to excessive amounts of exudate. The dressing consists of a white, superabsorbent core, a clear, perforated, polyethylene film wound contact layer and a white, hydrophobic nonwoven backing, which together help minimize moisture leakage. The dressing absorbs exudate while helping maintain a moist wound environment and is also effective under pressure. Fluids are absorbed and retained within the dressing. In addition, the high absorbency of the product helps increase dressing change intervals.   

Typical Application

Designed for chronic or secondary healing wounds with high to excessive exudate levels, such as venous and arterial leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers and pressure ulcers.


Features and Benefits
  • Highly absorbent under pressure
  • Retains fluid
  • Painless removal with minimal epidermal stripping


  Product Characteristics
Typical Values*
White backing and pad, clear wound contact layer
  Seam Width (Dressing) 15 ± 2.5 mm
  Welding Width (Dressing Edge)
4 ± 1 mm
  Welding Stability Between Wound Contact Layer and Backing Material Min. Fmax 3 N
  Thickness 2.50 ± 0.50 mm
  Absorbency (Saline, 60 minutes) ≥ 110 g/100 cm²
  Core Weight 460 ± 30 g/m²
  Dressing Weight
10 x 10 cm: 6.2 ± 0.93 g  
10 x 20 cm: 11.0 ± 1.65 g
20 x 20 cm: 23.7 ± 3.56 g
20 x 30 cm: 35.4 ± 5.31g
  Product Sterility EtO (SAL 10-6)
  Pouch Seal Integrity ≥ 207 gf/25.4 mm
  Pouch Seal Ink Test
No leakage
  Pouch Seal Peel Test
Good transfer and clean peel

*Refer to product specifications for material acceptance limits.



Two years when stored at 23°C (73°F), 50% relative humidity, out of direct sunlight, in original packaging.